Newsletter: September #3

This week we start off with Country Music in the upstairs lounge at 7pm.
The District Challenge have their final night tonight with prizegiving held in the downstairs bar.

Tuesday we have afternoon housie at 1:30pm then in the evening we have the line dancing evening 6:30-8:30pm with Rick Shirley as the entertainer.
Restaurant is open as normal throughout the week from Tuesday through to Sunday offering the weekly specials.

Thursday evening will be the membership draw at $500. The entertainment will be ‘Lynley and Dion’ starting at 7pm.

Downstairs bar upgrade:
No doubt, you would have seen changes happening in the downstairs bar last week. To date stage 1 will be starting this Sunday 22nd September. This is relocating the TAB television sets from the TAB area to the new wall that has been built. The removal of the existing bar to make room for the new bar. The bar downstairs will be closed during these days, but the bar upstairs will be open if anyone wants to buy a beer or wine etc. The TAB will still be operating downstairs along with the gaming machines on this day. I will inform you as we progress throughout the week what’s happening with the bar, TAB and Gaming. Thursday evening for the membership draw we hope to have all the tv sets up and running and back to normal.

We are in the process of making sure the Club has the Rugby World Cup available on the tv’s in the downstairs bar. Further details to follow.

Coming Up:
Friday 18th October – Hypnotist/Comedy Show tickets $20 show, $25 meal, $45 meal/show – featuring hypnotist ‘Guy Cater’
Sunday 27th October – Halloween Disco Party 1pm-3pm tickets available now

Have a good week.

Club van is available Thursday through to Saturday from 4pm onwards if you need a ride to and from the Club. Ring Colin 0211684171


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That's all for now folks!

Have a good week.